Un hombre se viraliza con sus combinaciones de imágenes que hay que mirar dos veces

La fotografía es uno de los artes que más publico atraen desde que el primer carrete fuera revelado, pero la técnica y la precisión, muchas veces son superadas por una idea que, aunque pueda parecer simple en sus inicios, consigue transmitir un mensaje tan potente que es imposible de escuchar.

Estas fotografías editadas te dejarán con ganas de más

La edición siempre ha sido el enemigo número uno de los fotógrafos de renombre, que aseguran que hay que intentan capturar en un solo disparo, todas las sensaciones y experiencias que se viven desde el otro lado del objetivo, pero este artista opina lo contrario.

Stephen MsMennamy ha creado unas hipnotizantes imágenes y vídeos cuyo principal motivo es la edición y yuxtaposición de varias imágenes, algunas veces con el límite más evidente que otras, pero que siempre te dejan con la intriga.

1- El hombre barbudo

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beard + pine straw this idea got buried way down at the bottom of the early days #combophoto pile. I photographed myself and the beard of pine straw back in April of 2014. I'd tried an edit that cut off most of my face, mainly because I wasn't sure of what was happening with my eyes. I shot this early in the morning and though I was mostly in shadow (laying on the ground), the sky was so bright I could hardly open my eyes. that said I guess I'm willing to overlook what wasn't working for me then, but apparently works for me now. or maybe I'm just being lazy? Last thing, and I hate to do this here, but I've been nominated for a Shorty Award and though it's awkward to ask for your vote… could you guys vote for me… and stuff? Okay, there's a handy dandy link in my bio. Thank you.

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2- ¡Menuda carrera!

3- La música es el sonido más dulce

4- Hasta el moño de tanto pelo

5- El néctar de los dioses

6- Carrera presidencial

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7- Menudo melocotón

8- Fiesta en la gasolinera

9- Solo un bocatido

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record player + cookie Look, we all know that isn’t just any ordinary chocolate cookie sandwich up there, but I didn’t really want to play favorites over the brand name. I’m not sure if everyone is familiar with the lesser know, Hydrox® brand of chocolate cookie sandwiches. And though they are the originators of that particular style of cookie concoction, they clearly missed the boat on the name game… Hydrox® came out in 1908 and Oreo® in 1912… who knew? I guess if you’re still reading this, we all know now. I’m not looking to stir up any trouble between Hydrox® and Oreo®, I’m just letting you know the facts. I don’t want any part of that mess. Sorry, that was a tremendous amount of ramp up just to say, here’s a picture of a record player and cookie, but here’s a picture of a record player and a cookie. Now I’m off to scour the earth in search of a Hydrox® cookie. #combophoto

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10- Hasta el cielo

climbing + climbing + climbing + climbing A while back @instagram reached out to ask if I could play around with some vertical video ideas to be used as part of their Instagram Creators series. And though they didn’t get down on one knee to ask, I still said “yes.” The task was simple… make it vertical… make it 15 seconds… go! long story short, when this idea was on a piece of paper it looked pretty simple, but when it went from paper to camera, simple lit itself on fire and jumped out the window. And as funny as my first test video was, I learned very quickly just how synchronized and measured I needed to be (the point wasn’t to be perfect, just not jarring). I’ll spare you the nerdy details, but just know it involved some complex math… making matters worse, I do street math, not your fancy “school math”. I’m not a snob people. Anyway, several YouTube tutorial’s later, and a ton of help from family, friends, new friends (Brett Glover), old friends (the beloved staff of @ps260) and @atlantarocksclimbing (for letting me climb, hang out, move holds and just stand there staring at the wall while I talked to myself. You guys are awesome) anyway, after all that… we have this. Me combining stuff. And I’m the stuff. #combovideo #creatorsfridays #curatedbyfacebook @instagramforbusiness @curatedbyfacebook

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11- Menuda mier** de foto

12- ¿Salchicha o piernas?

13- Me muero por el sushi

14- Me he quedado sin ideas

15- Se me va la pinza

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lobster claw + pliers I've always suspected that the inventor of the pliers may have gotten some inspiration from the ol' lobster claw. I have no concrete proof or evidence of this claim, but come on. Oh and this is an ancient #combophoto (circa 2014) back when I was just experimenting with the whole "put two photos together" thing. You'll notice that the line isn't truly horizontal. And it's true, I was dutching the line back then, but people with opinions seemed to hate it, and I listened, like an idiot. I may bing it back and then everyone will get their chance to tell me how I'm doing it wrong it all over again. Oh and I'll never forget the dude at @publix that helped me with the claw… 🙏🏻

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16- ¡Alto ahí!

17- Delicioso

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goldfish + goldfish® My daughter and I shot this over the weekend and unfortunately only one of the props survived the rigors of a food based photo shoot. RIP cheese cracker. the lone survivor moved in with us. Steve the goldfish. Unfortunately, our cat (Samuel L. Catson) murdered Steve after only two days in his new bowl/home. So let's all take a moment to double down on that RIP sentiment. Aaaaaaand, I realize I'm repeating myself with this #combophoto, but when I originally shot this I was relying solely on my cellular mobile telephone camera, so I felt like it not only needed a reshoot, but the overall execution needed a refresh as well. Slide to the right to see the original. mad props to my daughter @mcmennamyAB for her modeling skills as well as her love of all living things (and non-living crackers shaped like living things).

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18- Día de relax

19- Rico y fácil de preparar

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paintbrush + spaghetti This definitely wasn't my favorite #combophoto of 2016, but it was definitely the most interesting as far as social experiments go. I put it to a vote with another similar execution. This one was the overwhelming favorite, which I never would've guessed. Just proof that I'm bad at judging my own work. Also, I did this on an absolute whim. I literally threw it together before work one morning. I do love how utterly random these things can come together sometimes. On some re-posts there was a lot of positive sentiments coupled with a lot of scrutiny over my bad photoshop skills. All that said, it was the most entertaining from #2016. Thanks for all the support last year, you guys made it great.

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20- Un día de playa

Sin duda todo un artista que es capaz de ver más allá de lo que la cámara aprecia y tiene la capacidad de mezclar dos cosas, que en apariencia poco tienen que ver, pero que juegan con tu mente de formas que jamás hubieras imaginado.

En muchas ocasiones este tipo de ilusiones se dan en el mundo real y es que la perspectiva lo es todo a la hora de tomar una foto. La traducción en dos dimensiones de nuestro mundo en 3 dimensiones, no siempre funciona y en estas imágenes hay algo que no llegas a ver, ¿serás capaz de descubrirlo?

¿Son mejores las fotos editadas o sin editar? ¿Sería el mundo un lugar mejor si pudiéramos mezclar ambas cosas?

¡Compártelo con todos tus amigos para que conozcan la creatividad de este artista!

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