10 Imágenes de los impactantes peinados que hace una peluquera para teñir el pelo inspirándose en la naturaleza

A lo largo de los años han aparecido miles de tendencias para teñir nuestro pelo. Algunas eran más llamativas como los tintes de colores, otras eran solo mechas y otras se basaban en teñir el pelo intentando que pareciese natural. Sin embargo, si estás buscando un cambio de look original y atrevido, estás en el sitio idóneo.

Ursula Goff, una peluquera que se dedica a poner tintes en el pelo, es conocida por sus preciosos trabajos inspirados en la naturaleza. Vive en Kansas y ha creado una cuenta de Instagram a la que sube fotos del pelo de sus clientes junto a la imagen con la que se inspiró para hacerlo. Tiene ya 100 mil seguidores.

So here’s a little more about the thought process for this, done with @matrix’s soon to be released #socolorcult line. I liked the way that color lays on aura treated quartzes; at each corner of the crystals, the color shifts in directionality and arrangement, which emphasizes the hard edges. I wanted to try that sort of pattern on slices of hair, to make a variation on some of the pixelated stuff I’ve done. I left slices of uncolored Hair in between the colored slices to diffuse the color and make it softer and a little more wearable. Swipe to see the sorts of patterns I used! #matrixbrandpartner #matrix #socolor #crystalhair #naturehair #rainbowhair #unicornhair #modernsalon #beautylaunchpad #behindthechair #americansalon #fckinghair

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So, shocker…the 753 coats of red color I’ve put on my hair gave me some problems. I did what I could to remove as much as possible, but my hair needs a break. Once I bleached my regrowth, the remaining pigment reminded me of Van Gogh’s favored palette – golds, greens, and blues, so I just went with that. (However, the color black was expressly forbidden among Van Gogh’s biggest influences, the Impressionists, so of course my black shirt is a bit incongruent with the palette and now you know why.) See the aqua in the background on this painting? He used that, and a sea foam tone close to it, in a huge number of paintings. After I wash my hair a couple times, my tips will be closer to that color. If you are a stylist and you have questions about my sorcery OR maybe you just need to brush up on what’s current, check out my next teaching opportunity in June with the Goonies. Click the link in my bio for tickets and info – we also provide food! Everyone loves food! #vangogh #sunflowers #oilpainting #expressionism #postimpressionist #yellowhair #orangehair #greenhair #arthair #behindthechair #beautylaunchpad #modernsalon #americansalon #bangstyle #manicpanic

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Sin embargo, la fuente de inspiración de Ursula no es la que todos esperan. Sus musas son escenas de la naturaleza y obras de arte que traduce de forma muy hábil en un pelo digno de ser expuesto en una galería.

There’s about a million ways you can use opals as inspo. They are probably my favorite stone. Supposedly it’s bad luck to wear them if they aren’t your birthstone, but I’m sure that has nothing to do with that being the stone choice for my first wedding ring and the absolute and utter failure of the relationship…turns out, you don’t necessarily even have to get a legal divorce if they are still married to their first wife! I could have avoided a lot of problems if I had listened to my gut, so that’s one of the biggest pieces of advice I could ever give: if something feels off, weird, not right, any of that – LISTEN! Even if it seems silly to feel that way or you can’t articulate why or the situation “looks great on paper”. Your intuition can pick up things that your conscious mind doesn’t, and it can take a while for the two to communicate clearly, but usually by then, things have already gone downhill and now you’ve been sucked into it. If the person you’re dating “seems” great, but you’ve got a nagging feeling about it, then get out. That nagging feeling is never going to go away and is likely only going to get worse. Good relationships don’t leave us confused on any level. That’s a really unhealthy sign so just trust yourself! That’s my public service announcement for the day, anyway. #opals #opalhair #bluehair #greenhair #bigamy #annullment

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La artista usa el tinte y el decolorante como si fuesen sus pinturas y utiliza el pelo como lienzo. Crea constelaciones, arcoiris, flores, fuego y plumas en el cabello de sus clientes y estos están muy contentos con el resultado.

«Mis clientes me dan mucho poder creativo. Veo todo el tiempo cosas que me gustaría hacer pero las dejo a un lado hasta que tengo una buena oportunidad para hacerlas,» cuenta Ursula.

Alice has been one of my longest standing, most loyal clients. She’s always gotten blonde highlights on her naturally sandy hair, but decided to go all over shades of lavender and lilac this time because she just started very aggressive chemotherapy for fast growing stage 3 breast cancer. Purple is her favorite color, but she also says it’s the color for survivors. I cannot imagine what her and her family are getting ready to endure. Alice is an invaluable resource to our community, working for years with special needs children at Headstart, and becoming our local autism specialist in order to serve them better. I honestly don’t know how they are going to replace her while she’s out – she has so much love and care for those kids and she knows her stuff inside and out. I’m not religious myself, but she is Catholic and would appreciate any prayers you could spare for her, and I think that’s a reasonable request. ?????????? Guys. Things can go sideways any moment. I know we hear this all the time, but we just don’t have any time to waste. Eventually, instead of being the one to watch these things happen to someone else, they happen to you. Be kind, do the right thing, and never take anything or anyone for granted. Alice, we wish you the best for a speedy recovery. Also, I looked up the meaning of lilacs, and they indicate confidence in the receiver. And I am confident that everything will ultimately be alright. ?

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Si te encanta la idea pero vives lejos de su salón de belleza en Kansas, te alegrará saber que Ursula publica vídeos, tutoriales y contenido educativo en su página web personal para que puedas recrear estas creaciones en tu pelo.

I’ve been hoarding ideas for new hair paintings to do. Even though I’ve played around with other design concepts, so far, reproducing art classics has been my favorite/funnest project. I know it’s all a pretty literal interpretation, but what I like most about it is how much I learn about the actual painting and the process itself while I’m working on them. Plus, some of them are REALLY hard, and incredibly tedious, and I truly love a challenge. Difficult, detailed work is my favorite kind of art to do, so naturally, I am always trying to find ways to translate that into my career’s portfolio. What are some of y’all’s favorite paintings? #thescream #edvardmunch #expressionism #art #artonhair #hairpaintings #paintingsonhair

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Doppler Radar haircolor. This radar becomes your friend every spring when the weather status changes by the hour and a severe weather and/or tornado outbreak can only take a few hours to get completely out of control. Every time someone finds out I’m from Kansas, they inevitably ask me about tornadoes. Living in tornado alley means you often end up having a checklist of sorts – you can’t freak out over every possible severe storm or you’ll never have any peace, so you just learn what to pay attention to. Did the humidity feel higher when I came outside today? Did the day start off muggy and warm, but now suddenly it feels cooler and drier? In my specific location, I don’t concern myself with cumulonimbus clouds that are located anywhere that ISN’T southwest of me, because the really bad storms almost always move from the southwest to the northeast. If a storm is headed this way, you park the cars in the garage or on the north side of the building. When the hail hits, how big is it? How long does it last? Is the sky green? How many inches of rain have we gotten the last couple of hours? Is flooding going to be an issue? You just keep an eye on things before you get too worried. However, if it suddenly gets very still and quiet, you need to be in your basement and you ain’t got time to worry. ? ? I will say, we seem to have fewer tornadoes and more microbursts the last 5-10 years. A microburst is just a straight minute or so of straight line winds that can top over 100 mph. It also seems like it’s not as bad here now as when I was growing up. My kids have grown up with different weather patterns than I did. Now Oklahoma, on the other hand…they get pummeled so hard every year, especially the OKC area. If you wanna storm chase, that’s really probably a better place for it than Kansas. Dorothy may have to relocate. #tornadoes #dopplerradar #severeweather #dopplerhair #rainbows #braid #behindthechair #beautylaunchpad #americansalon #modernsalon

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